In life our emotions are never the same even if they have the same energy and we give them the same name or meaning. Love, pain, anger or happiness can have thousands of nuances and, at times, can get confused with each other making us lose the ability to distinguish and find them again. Over time we begin, through our experience, to put order and the awareness of who we are and what we feel leads us to interpret life in new ways unknown to us, so the love we felt as children is not the same as love that we feel when we grow up even if the effect is the same. This free interpretation of emotions, however obvious it may seem, is always influenced by our experience, generating people with degrees of awareness, each one different from the other.
This photographic project aims to show the awareness of women in two distinct stages of maturity. In fact, a young professional model and a second more mature model were chosen, who however is not a model but rather an actress. The approach to this representation was simply to let the two interpreters show their idea of what life is like in a given moment of their existence. No precise indications were given, they were left free to interpret according to their will. So the young woman interpreted her life experience with a small grimace of pain, melancholy and we would add anger, as if youth were confusion, sadness and disappointment. Instead the second more mature woman has a more carefree, happy, playful look as if life after the age of fifty acquired a different value, almost of indifference to the bad things that can happen, such as broken dreams or disappointments in love. Life taken with more balance trying not to deny negative feelings but to accept them and transform them into positive energy to share with those who have not yet reached that state of awareness, for this reason the more mature woman takes the young woman, embraces her, he comforts her, pulls her towards him trying to teach her that life can be more beautiful than what one is thinking.


Shot on

  • Hasselblad Medium Format Camera | Hasselblad H System Prime Lenses
  • Red Digital Cinema Camera Helium 8K S35 | Leica Cine Mod Lenses
  • Broncolor Flash Lighting System
  • Arri¬† & Kinoflo Lighting System
  • Litepanels RGBWW Lighting System
  • Aputure Lighting System
  • Manfrotto, Avenger, Miller and Cartoni Support and Equipments